NOVEMBER 9, 2023
LONDON + Online

Mission Meets Future & Digital Technology

Let’s talk about the future now! Join us for an immersive, single-day experience as we explore how AI—future and digital technology—will shape and amplify the spread of the gospel through missions and ministries. Come collaborate, learn, and build bonds that will impact the future of evangelism.
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Realising the true potential of AI for missions and ministries requires deep understanding and thoughtful implementation. Our speakers will delve into ethics and leadership, balancing AI’s transformative capabilities with moral responsibility and discussing how to grasp AI's profound societal and faith impact.


Delve into the next frontier of AI innovation at Digital Day. Our experts will discuss skills, innovation, and Generative AI and their capacity to reshape our approach to missions. Beyond mere technology, this will be a journey into AI directions and how to ride the wave of new opportunities.


AI's evolution is reshaping our tomorrow; therefore, missions and ministries must cultivate a forward-thinking mindset. Speakers will share their expertise on creating a culture of innovation to leverage emerging tech potentials and prepare your organisation to navigate the future's myriad possibilities with confidence.
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NOVEMBER 9, 2023
LONDON + Online